Agrolux Series

The DEUTZ-FAHR Agrolux 310 and 410 delivers extraordinary performance and extraordinary reliability together with extremely low running costs: incredibly versatile and boasting state of the art technology, these are, to all intents and purposes, the perfect tractors. And with an optimum weight to power ratio, a highly efficient PTO and an extraordinarily high performance hydraulic system, Agrolux tractors are also the ideal specialised machines for crops planted in particularly broad rows.



Powerful and functional high-tech engines

The Agrolux 410 are equipped with SDF 1000.4 WTE3 four cylinder engine with a maximum power output of 75 hp (55 kW)  and boasts extraordinary tractive power. All engines are Tier III compliant, and offer immediately responsive power delivery, right from the bottom of the rev range, together with superlative fuel economy. These engines are also equipped with an electronic governor, which lets the driver set and store engine speeds for specific operations. The governor automatically maintains the preset engine speed value whenever constant engine speed is needed, maximising productivity and reducing driver fatigue. The exclusive SDF fuel injection system uses an individual pump for each cylinder. This is a far more advanced solution than conventional rotary pumps, and maximises engine power as well as ensuring instantaneous injection times. These engines also use hydraulic roller tappets (HRT), controlled by an electrohydraulic valve to optimise the injection of fuel into the combustion chamber. These engines are extraordinarily tractable, with generous torque available even at very low engine speeds, but are also environmentally aware and conceived with sustainable energy sources in mind, as demonstrated by their total compatibility with fuels consisting of up to 100% biodiesel.


Simple, precise and reliable

The standard configuration of the transmission equipping the Agrolux 410 consists of a five speed synchromesh gearbox with three ranges and a synchronised mechanical reverse shuttle, for a total of fifteen FWD and REV speeds. All the ratios are ideally spaced, giving the tractor the ability to operate comfortably from a minimum speed of just 290 m/h all the way up to an easily reached top speed of 40 km/h. With ideal weight distribution, 100% lockable differentials operated easily from a practical mechanical control, and generous ground clearance, Agrolux tractors are extremely versatile and can deliver outstanding productivity in any agricultural application.



Operators Station

Absolute simplicity and comfort

The driver area of the Agrolux 410 tractors have been designed with a modern, rational style and with impeccable attention to detail. Unparalleled driver comfort is ensured by the sprung, adjustable seat, the logical and intuitive layout of the control levers and the modern instrumentation, which lets the driver immediately and continuously monitor all the main functions of the machine. Agrolux tractors include a number of other features designed for even greater practicality: sprung pedals for superlative ergonomics and comfort; a button which opens the single-piece cowl directly from the driver seat, to simplify regular maintenance; and a sturdy two pillar rear roll bar (which folds down partially to facilitate access to spaces with limited headroom) protecting the driver for maximum safety

Hydraulic System

Potent and functional

The hydraulic system of Agrolux 410 tractor has two independent pumps: a main pump with a maximum capacity of 45 l/min, which feeds the rear lift and the four-way (or optional six-way) auxiliary distributors; and a secondary pump dedicated to the power steering system, to ensure effortless, smooth steering action in all conditions. The rear 3-point linkage is equipped with a powerful hydraulic lift with an impressive maximum capacity of 3000 kg - an indispensable feature necessary for using a wide variety of implements.