Agroplus V/F/S Series

The Agroplus F430 GS offers counteless option combinations and high tech solutions. Three mounting areas, efficient turbo diesel engines, syncroshift and powershift transmission and a comprehensive range of features. 

DEUTZ-FAHR has been one of Europe’s leading suppliers of specialist tractors for decades.

With the uniqure Stop & Go manoeuvring system and a whole host of features not even found on many big tractors, the Agroplus F is ideal for fruit growers and vineyards, municipal authorities and farms looking for a compact and powerful tractor. 


Efficienas standard

The technical features of the liquid cooled  Agroplus F engines are unique in this class. The innovative electronic engine control (EMC) ensures that the engine speed, which the driver selects simply and conveniently at the touch of a button, is always maintained. Furthermore, the engine always runs in the optimum power and torque range with minimum fuel consumption.

The advantages: constant power over a wide speed range, high degree of efficiency, low fuel consumption and therefore low operating costs. Operation is also very convenient. 

Higdegree of efficiency

Each cylinder has its own single injection pump directly driven by the camshaft. A High injection pressure of 1,400 bar means that the fuel is effectively atomized by the 5-hole injection nozzles for optimum efficiency.  This means  a very high degree of operational efficiency with low consumption.


Together with the electronic manual throttle  a selected  speed  can be pro grammed and precisely maintained at the  touch of a  button. The electronic engine control ensures that the engine runs at the required speed, even when load conditions change  during operation. The benefit – constant  PTO and travel speed – even under varying load conditions.



Extraordinary versatility and efficiency are the key strengths of Agroplus transmissions. These transmissions were developed and tested in collaboration with the SDF Engineering Division, which boasts unrivalled experience in the design and continuous development of transmissions for specialised applications.
The base version, with synchronised shuttle, is offered in two configurations: with the extremely simple to use Over Speed gearbox, for a total of thirty forward speeds and fifteen reverse speeds, or with the three stage Over Speed Powershift gearbox with supercreeper gear, for a remarkable forty-five FWD-REV speeds.
The Over Speed function allows a top speed of 40 Km/h with any tyre size fitted, without having to change any mechanical parts inside the transmission.


Space ancomfort

The spacious Agroplus F comfort cab  has  lots  of space  for long working hours.  The innovative cab design, without a B-strut, favours easy access through the wide opening, fully glazed doors. The narrow cab struts and large glazed areas ensure an optimum view of all mounting areas  – the  basis  for pleasant,  stress-free work and perfect results.   Maximum freedom  of movement  and a practical  ergonomic  design are  also features of this modern cab. The comfort cab is also very well insulated against engine and operating noises. The silent block mountings effectively absorb interfering vibrations. This technology is also used in the ROPS version.

Everythinat hand and in sight

In the Agroplus F the driver has everything at his fingertips. All the important  operating  controls  are  easily accessible.


Maximum hydraulic capacity

With a delivery capacity of up to 58 liters a minute just for the working hydraulics and the additional remote valves, the hydraulic system of the Agroplus F is fit for every purpose. The maximum of 5 double actilng additional remote valves allow all at tached implements to be operated easily.

Flow control and free flow oil return are of course standard. That ensures the optimal use  of center-mounted or front-mounted implements and boosts productivity.

Electric joystick

The fourth and fifth double-acting remote valves are conveniently operated using the  newly developed electromagnetic joystick integrated  in the  multifunction console. This allows several implements such as stump clearing tools  and leaf cutters to be controlled perfectly. It’s hard to see how the effective control of connected hydraulic implements could be any easier.