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 4100.4E Specification
SDF 1000 series tier 3 diesel engine
4 Cyl/4000cc turbocharged intercooled
Liquid/Oil cooled
Individual Bosch injector pumps
Operator Environment
Air conditioned cab
Digital climate control
Ergonomic controls
Adjustable steering column

Independent rear PTO
540/ 750 Speed PTO
540 PTO @ 1967Rpm
540E PTO @1560 Rpm

30/15 Synchromesh gearbox 
Forward/Reverse synchronized shuttle
Shuttle mounted on steering column
Mechanical gear splitter
Open Centre Hyd Pump System
42 l/min Hyd Pump
Separate 17 L/min steering pump
3 Sets of remotes

Weights & Dimensions
Wheelbase 2106mm 
Overall ength 3990mm
Total Weight 3250kg


 Agrofarm 100 DT Specifications
SDF 1000 series diesel engine
4 Cyl/4000cc turbocharged 
96hp @ 2350rpm (2005/25/CE)
Bosch High pressure Individual Diesel injection

Operator Environment
4 Post Hi visibility air conditioned cab
Ergonomic controls
Multi function digital dash deluxe
Mechanical sprung seat  
Independent wet multidisc clutch
2 Speed PTO 540/1000
1’’ 3/8 – 6 Spline PTO  shaft
Push Button control 
15/15 forward/reverse gears
Heavy duty 13” dry Cerametallic clutch
Synchronized forward/reverse shuttle 
Shuttle lever located left hand side 
Open Centre Hyd Pump System
56 L/min Hyd a Rear Remotes
Separate 44L/min Steering Pump
2 Set of Remotes – detent and spring

Weights & Dimensions
Wheelbase 2380mm
Length 3950mm
Total Height 2740mm
Total Weight 4100kg