Agrotron 180 

The Agrotron 180 has been conceived and engineered to deliver outstanding levels of productivity in the most challenging operation and large area applications. Its ideal weight distribution in particular make the Agrotron 180 unbeatable in all traction applications from ploughing and road transport to working with both front and rear implements. Boasting state of the art technology and superior comfort, this is a tractor that delivers astonishing levels of productivity in all situations.


Superlative injection efficiency and settable engine speeds

7,146 cc Deutz BF6M 1013 EC Euro II engines with Turbocharger and Intercooler, with maximum power outputs 180 HP/132 kW. 
The SDF injection management system maximises engine power (with very high injection pressures of up to 1,400 bar) and ensures extremely short injection times, for optimised fuel efficiency. This system uses individual pumps for each cylinder and optimised injection lines, which are particularly short and all equal in length for very rapid injection times.
The Agrotron 180 also features an electronic engine speed management system. This lets the driver store engine speed presets for specific operations and recall them again when needed, and maintains engine speed at the preset value selected. The most significant benefits of this system are increased productivity, optimised time usage and improved fuel economy. 


Comfort and ergonomics above all

With a spacious work environment, state of the art technology and ergonomic controls, the Agrotron 180 is a phenomenal tractor that is extremely easy to use and incredibly comfortable for the driver, making the work day more pleasant and productive.
Extraordinary visibility: with an incredible seven square metres of screen and windows, and a cab in which every single element - from the slender pillars to the lateral silencer mounted on the A-pillar - has been specifically design not to interfere with the view of the driver. 
As a result, the driver has an unobstructed, clear view of the field and implements in all directions, for unparalleled precision and productivity.
As well as improving the visibility by offering the driver an overhead view, the glazed roof also contributes to optimise the natural circulation of air around the cab.
The air conditioning and ventilation system maintains a comfortable, constant temperature inside the cab in all conditions: fifteen directional, adjustable flow vents placed rationally around the cab interior let the driver quickly and easily set a comfortable cab temperature or quickly clear mist or frost from the windows and windscreen.
Lastly, the integrated cab suspension offers unrivalled driver comfort, making the tractor a pleasure to drive, for a less tiring, more productive working day. 


Progressive power on tap whenever you need it

Engine power translated into unstoppable working force by an outstanding transmission. 
Transmission with six synchronised ranges, each of which with four Powershift gears, for a total of forty FWD-REV speeds. The Agrotron 180 progresses with extraordinary progressiveness and responsiveness through a range of speeds from 450 m/h all the way up to 50 Km/h, and is capable of maintaining a speed of a 40 Km/h either at rated engine speed or at a reduced engine speed of 1,840 rpm controlled by the electronic governor.
The hydraulic reverse shuttle lets the driver change direction effortlessly, offering the ideal solution for headland direction inversions and manoeuvring in restricted spaces.



Dynamic, comprehensive hydraulic system

The Agrotron 180 has two separate hydraulic systems: an open-centre system with 83 l/min pump, and a closed centre system with 120 l/min variable displacement pump with Load Sensing function.
Completing the system are an array of four eight-way distributors (controlled from a joystick) with four operating modes (detent, kick-out, float and flow regulation) for outstanding hydraulic oil delivery control.
Electronic rear lift with radar slippage control with lift capacity up to 9,200 Kg. 
A front lift and PTO are also available.